Unmasking Space               2021               ETH Zurich               
with Shriya Chaudhry, Michael Hoi Ming Du, Nina Hsu, Giacomo Rossi, Yaelle (2023), Philip Kaiser (2022), and Martin Rausch (2022)

Unmasking Space is a student initiative meant to foreground grassroot voices and critically question the current knowledge production in architectural education. It has resulted in the establishment of a student-led elective course at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich.

It aims at bringing attention to learning forms, voices, and methods that are currently under-acknowledged in the institution. Through multidirectional knowledge exchange and immersive activities, it experiments with other forms of learning, offering a critical lens on current pedagogies. The course has been developed following an open call and has built links of solidarity with several student initiatives across Europe, Africa and North America. The full syllabus and bibliography of the elective course are available at https://unmasking.space/syllabus.

The initiative is supported and funded by the chair of prof. An Fonteyne and the Department of the Ongoing at ETH.

Photo 2,3 credit Bundesamt für Kultur, Florian Spring & Nicolas Polli © 2023.